Hello world!

I can’t believe this is my first blog! I mean in such a manner! This is a result of an outburst! I have begun to feel I have failed my social life. From hanging out with tens of friends I have now come down to a close few group. Not that you don’t stay in touch with anyone or such. You realize this when you are sitting alone in a cafe and thinking to whom to call for company. Thinking! I have myself to blame. My tendency to alienate and isolate! I’m a really private person. And I tend to guard it fiercely. People in my social circle hardly have an idea what I’m up to when I’m not with them.

And at that moment of thinking I wanted to rant it out. I sometimes feel frustrated with thoughts when I can’t share them freely and suppress them deep within. I tend to be believe no one will be interested, and all the probable responses I may get are “Hmmmm”, “uh-huh”, “right”. Lately I have been watching this series ‘In treatment’ [thank you HBO for making it] and boy did I love it. If I have a therapist I want him to be Gabriel Byrne. It has also aroused a desire to express what I ‘feel’. My previous attempt at keeping a diary or a journal, whatever they call it failed miserably when I started penning my thoughts and eventually came to a conclusion at the end of it that it is probably a bad idea and I gave up. So going digital has been on my mind recently as I believe I will not remove a post once I put it , I won’t remove it. Crazy mind! Like I can’t!

Anyway!! There are many things that have been happening recently which have led to this event of me actually blogging one been this series I mentioned above. Discovering a friend’s blog has been an inspiration, leading to me creating this account and following many other blogs in turn adding to the inspiration and awe. As compared to facts and information I’ve always been interested in perspectives. That’s really what matters isn’t it?

So here I am writing long essays, ranting outbursts, typing my thoughts [ long live the phrase ‘penning one’s thoughts’ in this digital world ], venting out suppressed views, beliefs and thoughts. And will be continuing to do so about whatever comes to my mind. My own ‘public’ digital journal!

Concluding this ‘rant’ with an acknowledgement to the events that have led to this – the friend with the blog, another one who writes poems and publishes them on the Facebook account, the series ‘In treatment’, Woody Allen – I recently watched the Annie Hall movie and that guy seems to know everything and has an opinion on everything, and WordPress!!


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