I have had 42 views in 5 days when I began this ! Not bad huh! I will take it as a good support! Immediately I had to spruce up my appearance of the blog and make it look good. First impression is the last impression they say. Though I hardly believe it. Its important to have any reaction, positive or negative. One can always turn it then as necessary.

Anyways I also had to update the ‘About me’ page. As more people will view this blog, they would need to know about the writer to have a opinion about. I must admit it was very difficult to tell about myself. I mean I can put up facts and information but that would be a resume! Its an interaction here and its like getting to know someone, so how would would one describe oneself? I found it difficult to describe my own qualities. If I’m self-aware and self-conscious shouldn’t I have attained nirvana, grow a beard and preach the philosophy of life?

I feel we think about ourselves as who we want to be and not who we actually are. We look in the mirror everyday and we notice how we don’t look the way we want ourselves to look. We put on makeup, apply creams to hide marks, and what not. We don’t see how we are. We don’t want to accept that image in the mirror. I struggle a lot with self-image. I think more about what I want to be than what I am. How am I gonna change before I see myself?

Wow!!! That was as heavy as therapy! Not good! Although I must say this is a favorite question of HR interviewers “Tell me about yourself?” They must be enjoying themselves. From what I hear its always an awkward answer. Very few actually nail it!

Concluding with the resolve of attempt to “look into myself”, though I have made the same during bouts of depressive moments but never have come around. Hope this time is “the one”.


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