Great article by Chelsea Fagan at the Thought Catalog blog! I have taken up the study of French language recently and could completely relate to this!

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  1. Very true! Feels almost same. Have been studying French language for 8 months now. Whenever I grab my notebook to write down new vocabulary, there is always an enthusiasm to use it in a comic way.. 😀 trust me.. IT WORKS ! One instance that I would always remember was when we had French cooking competition at the Institute where I study French and remember trying harder making some simple, elegant and a different recipes. Tried many recipes.. some succeeded, others were a disaster.. but in the meanwhile, one thing that did get stronger was my love towards cooking. This was because of one of my interests to study and practice (not much though!) a distinctive culture of French food to get to know more about France and its culture. But the experience of learning new language is amazing coz you feel like a little child trying to make sense out of the words falling on your ears, and when you do…you can experience the change around you… there’s nothing like it :)))

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