What do I want to say?

Well to press the publish button after typing my first article was a difficult activity. My finger was shaking before clicking. A self-admittedly private person, starting a public “blah blah” is a big task. I haven’t yet thought about what I would write but I have a pretty good list of reasons to justify myself to go ahead with this. I don’t know how many will read this or if anyone will read it. But it feels good to write anticipating and hoping some will do. I kinda like the feeling. Not that I’m good at writing or stuff like that but this is one reason. Hey, atleast I will look up words to make the articles fancy and full of higher English, and check my grammar and something on those lines. Probably will help to improve my language.

A good show-off! How scholarly and classy and what not good qualities it would sound to say to group of people ” You know I blog!” Most of them won’t bother to check it out and shiver about the idea of reading what someone feels but still makes a statement. From where I come from it is a big thing, something probably done by professional writers.

I’ve got a nice activity to pass my time. Too much thinking is not good, may be I can channel some energy into getting it out of my head.

If someone asks “How are you doing?” I would now probably reply please check my blog for the detailed account. Facebook’s ‘whats on your mind’ isn’t sufficient to put it down. May be I can post these links as my status. Hmm.. That would take care of marketing!

I will become worldly-wise. I will fool myself into thinking I’m obliged to know more to maintain my blog!

Anyways, critics are welcome. In the end its all about perspectives. And readers are requested to comment or reply or criticize. Everything is welcome. Advance acknowledgments!