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Great article by Chelsea Fagan at the Thought Catalog blog! I have taken up the study of French language recently and could completely relate to this!

Playa El Tunco


Traveling is one of the most rewarding gifts that we can give to ourselves.  Although some of what I write on here can be downright, filter free honesty with a dash of attention to the underbelly of cultural differences, I do sincerely hope that it never, ever discourages anyone from pursuing a visit based on my addictive attention to details.

With that being written, Santa Ana was left in the dust for a taste of El Salvador’s frequented surfing beaches south of San Salvador.  Having learned surfing about 7 years ago on the coasts of New Zealand and Australia, and also having not surfed since then, I figured this place might just tempt me into the water once again.  After a quick transfer in an oven like bus in San Salvador, and one more in the busy market of La Libertad, we were once again sweaty and bound for the beach. …

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